Who's writing this?!

Hey! I'm Christy, Sean's wife and Michael, Amy and Rebecca's mom. This all started several years ago when we moved from Atlanta to Lansing, Michigan. A blog seemed like a good way to let our Southern friends and family know how we were doing in the great white north.

I still use it to keep folks up-to-date on our lives, but more than that I'm writing because I love it. In the hustle and bustle of raising kids I'd forgotten how much I love to write.

Would I love to be published? Of course! I hope to pursue publishing one day. For now, though, I'm content (mostly) with self-publishing here, working on my writing, and waiting for the day I'm not intimately involved with the education of my little people so I can pursue this more vigorously.

But if you feel like discovering me, please go ahead! I'm sure we can work something out. Sean would be happy to be the kids' full-time teacher. And honestly, he'd be much better organized than I could ever hope to be.

If you'd like to send me an email, please do!

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  1. Hi Christy,
    Dave sent me your site to read Mary Grace's story. WOW! Thanks so much for including it in your blog. Have a great summer....It'd be great to run into you sometime.


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