Monday, October 17, 2005

My Kind of Test Drive

When I married Sean I knew he loved cars. I just didn’t know how much. And in the 13 years we’ve been married I have seen oh, about, 1.5 million cars at car shows and car dealerships. I’ve been asked to read thousands of articles in Car and Driver, Motor Trend and AutoWeek, not to mention all the car brochures I’ve flipped through with Sean, and now Michael. And I’ve been on more test drives than I could ever hope to count.

But tomorrow I’m going on my kind of test drive. I’m heading over to Sierra Rose Farms to take Kiara out for a spin. I don’t think I’ll be kicking her hooves but I feel quite certain I’ll be seeing just how fast an Appaloosa can go.

I think I finally understand how Sean feels when he’s on a test drive because I am so excited! I went out and dropped $125 on a pair of paddock boots. They’re going back, though, because I bought them when I was high on horse. They don’t fit and I’m certainly not keeping them just because they’re the “right” shoe. I may be excited but I haven’t lost my mind. $125… what the heck was I thinking?! (Besides, anyone who knows me knows I only buy shoes on sale at Target and if they cost more than $12.99 I’m not interested.)

I’m “test-riding” Kiara to see if she likes me. No joke. Kiara will never be up for sale but she is available for lease and her mom, Lee Ann, won’t let her be leased to just anyone. (Leasing a horse does sound funny but I figure this a good way to figure out if I really want a horse or if it’s just a dream that shouldn’t come true.) Last week I spent an hour grooming Kiara and Lee Ann checked us out. We must have had good chemistry because Lee Ann’s letting me ride tomorrow. And if all goes well tomorrow I’ll be leasing a horse of my own!

I wonder if Sean has any idea what I’m getting into?