Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Quick Thought about Greeting Cards...

Life is funny. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on a certain aspect it totally changes.

Take greeting cards, for example. I finally stockpiled a supply of wedding and new baby cards because it seemed we were going to weddings and baby showers every weekend.

But the last several cards I’ve sent out were sympathy cards. Two of Sean’s co-workers had parents pass away and Sean wanted to send a note of bereavement to each. I do not have a lot of “Sorry your mom died” cards lying around.

How can we be at the point of needing more sympathy cards than baby cards? I blame Sean. It’s because he’s old. At least older than I am. None of my friends’ parents are dying. Not yet, I guess I should say.

I’m not denying the fact that people I love will die. That’s certainly a fact of life. And dying doesn’t scare me. I know where I’m going; I know where my parents are going. And I know a majority of my friends will be there, too. But I wasn’t prepared to think about people around our age loosing parents. Just because I know my folks will be in Heaven doesn’t make living without them a fun thought.

I have two cousins getting married and a dear friend who’s pregnant. At least my stash of cards will still see some use. And the cute baby cards will be fun to look at when I’m flipping though to the “Sympathy” section of my card file.