Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's Llama Time!

Well, Friday's the day -- the day Sean and I get to go to a llovely b&b for some rest, rellaxation. Time away from the kids: no chores, no work, just me, the llove of my llife ... and, of course. the llamas.

(Quick recap: Sean gave me a night away at a b&b for my birthday. The b&b is on a llama farm. See my blog entry for April 30.)

My mom flew up yesterday and she's going to watch the kiddos for us. They love being with her. Of course, what kid wouldn't love being with an adult who has an endless supply of "yes" answers and a seemingly bottomless pocketbook? I want to know what that lady did with my mom...

I have had an amazingly fun time making fun of the llama farm. The big joke at the moment is, "You love me so much and I know it because you're taking me to a llama farm! No mere spa for this llucky llady! I'm getting a llama!" And, of course, there have been jokes about the room, ("Hope it doesn't smell like llama.") and the food, ("Do you suppose they serve llama steak?"). Sean's been an exceedingly good sport about it.

Honestly, I am thrilled about our weekend. Sean found the place, made the arrangements with the inn and my Mom, saved the money and got the kids to keep it a secret. What girl wouldn't love that?

But next time I'm hoping the weekend getaway he plans doesn't include livestock.