Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's all downhill from here!

I called Molly this morning to wish her a happy 30th birthday -- I was prepared with my most sarcastic comments about how life was over and all the other completely nonsensical stuff we say at decade birthdays.

But when she answered she sounded absolutely terrible; she had a seriously sore throat. She went to the doctor yesterday and was told it wasn’t strep, just a bad virus. The doctor sent her home with an order to rest. Apparently this doctor is blind because she didn’t see the three year old and eight month old attached to Molly’s side.

So my dear friend is sitting at home with a nasty virus on her 30th birthday. Hard to not feel like life as she knows it is over. But at least she can look at me and see I’ve made it six years past her and I seem to be doing okay. Except for the cracking in my knees and the ache in my back … but I’m sure Molly has at least five more good years ahead of her before she really starts to fall apart.

Happy Birthday, Molly!