Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March Madness

We spent the past weekend on the road from Michigan to South Carolina to Georgia, back to South Carolina and ultimately, back to Michigan. We logged 2,000 miles on Sean’s company car, a loaded Cadillac Escalade. Let me tell you, if you have to hit the road that’s the way to do it. It has a navigation system, dual video screens and tons and tons of room. But the best thing about it is XM Radio. Oh my word, what a fabulous invention. I switched between seven channels the whole trip, but focused on the 80’s channel. Man, what good music! Unfortunately, Sean thought he was allowed to touch the radio. He only made that mistake once.

Anyway, we drove down to South Carolina so my sister and her husband could give Michael an early birthday present: an entire weekend watching basketball. My brother-in-law doesn’t think we adequately celebrate March Madness; for him it is truly a religious experience. His whole family fills out the brackets and the television is on whenever a game is on (which is always) in March.

Before we got there, Michael wanted us all to fill out the brackets, and when we got there, the first thing he did was pull out his bracket and add it to the stack David had on his coffee table. He was keeping track of several people’s brackets, including his wife’s and children’s. In the past, my niece and nephew picked the winners by deciding which mascot they liked best, or which color uniform was better. They have gotten more savvy, but not Rebecca. She just picked randomly. For instance, she picked Georgia Tech to go all the way because Sean’s dad worked there. And she had Holy Cross going far because of the name. Texas A&M also was up there because she knew I was born in Texas. Unfortunately, her strategy has not paid off…

So we dropped Michael off and headed down to Georgia. I had envisioned experiencing a balmy taste of spring, and in that hope, had only packed open-toed shoes. Alas, my toes were chilly. I don’t think it got above 50 all weekend long. But we did get to see beautiful spring color. I’d forgotten how beautiful the Bradford pear trees in early bloom were, and the daffodils, in yellow and white, were lovely. They certainly gave me the hope that spring is coming.

It was good to see my folks, even if only briefly. They were gracious to me as I flitted in and out. I had friends to see at 9 pm one night, 9 am the next morning, and another at 11, and yet another for dinner… one night I walked in late to find my Dad asleep in his recliner. That sight transported me back 20 years; it was just like high school when I’d walk in right at curfew to find him waiting up for me, albeit a bit sleepily.

I loved being back at church. Sean and I were trying to put our finger on what makes Perimeter so great – it’s a combination of reverence in worship and excellence in teaching, among other things. I wish we could find that up here. The church we attend now feels too much like a pep rally too often. There is certainly a place for celebration in the worship service, but when everything has to be happy, happy, happy all the time I think we miss the opportunity for reflection. But I digress.

All in all it was a full, wonderful, tiring weekend. Michael had a great time (and is currently beating my sister in the brackets) and I have a feeling this will become a tradition. Any reason to head South works for me!
Michael and his totally cool Aunt Heather