Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How do you say, "Help!" in Polish?

My iPod came this week! And with it came a dose of humiliation.

Somehow when I opened it up for the first time I turned it on without knowing and ended up selecting a language completely on accident. Polish. I couldn’t figure out how to even turn it back off, much less decipher any of the Polish words that could possible say, “Select English.” I was so frustrated – I finally get a toy and I can’t play with it!

Michael was watching the entire event unfold and kept begging me to let him fix it. I asked him, “How in the world can you fix it? You’ve never even held an iPod?” But he kept insisting that he could do it.

After several minutes of failed attempts to decipher kontakty, data I czas and skladanki I finally gave in and said, “Fix it!”

I handed him the player and said, “Please, please don’t make it look too easy. I don’t want to feel like an …” I couldn’t even get the sentence out and he’d already gotten it back to English and was now begging me to let him play a game on it.

I thanked him but asked him to please, in the future, make fixing things look a bit more difficult. I may be old, but I don’t want to be reminded that today’s technology seems to be passing me by. And he’ll have a chance to try again because I selected Polish again to find some words for this blog. Now I can’t get it back to English.