Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I spoke too soon!

I guess the leaders of Belize Team 07075 could sense my desperation because an update has just been posted! Yeah! Here's what the leaders had to say:

Road Kill Stew??? ( 2007-07-10)
Our team and luggage arrived safely. We praise God for no problems in travel. We have washed our dishbags as well as ourselves and we are doing well. On Sunday we settled into our tents and began the process of setting up our camp.

Monday (our first work day) we tied steel for the sidewalks, put up forms, and poured 16 ft. of sidewalk. Today we will work on more sidewalk as well as preparing for an open-air presentation we will be doing in the town square of Orange Walk Town on Saturday.

The kids on K.P. have a good time coming up with creative names for the meals. Yesterday we had road kill stew (beef stew), Yardbird and kitty litter (oatmeal, sugar, and raisins), and muddy frogs (peanut butter popcorn)-just to name a few.

Sounds like things are going well!

The TMI base in Belize is staffed full time by a married couple, Bill and Cindy Griffin. Here's what Cindy had to say about the team:

From The Missionaries' Perspective ( 2007-07-10)
The preteen team arrived on Saturday (7/7) with no problems in their flights and no luggage lost! Their tent site is located in the back half of the property and they have gotten settled in there. The lady leaders have set up their kitchen in the BMW dining room. The team began their work project Monday morning and have already started pouring some of the sidewalk. We have 600 feet of sidewalk planned and even with the cement mixer that the base owns, it will take a lot of concentrated effort on the team's part to be able to finish it all. Pray that they will be blessed through the work they are doing and will be able to see how much they are accomplishing as the project progresses.

They have a scheduled open-air meeting this Saturday in the town square in Orange Walk. Pray for a boldness in sharing the Word and a good response. Bill and I are enjoying the company and the sound of 19 preteens running around the base is music to our ears!

Six hundred feet of sidewalk is a lot. I didn't realize that was going to be their project. The great thing about that is you can clearly see progress. I think it will be good for them to see they are really making a difference.

Michael's leaders have still not posted an update...