Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pictures from Belize

One of Amy's leaders, Miss Brooke, posted a few of her pictures from Belize. I was so thankful to see some with Amy in them, because all the one's Amy took, well, she took them so she's not in them. Anyway...

I love this one of Amy and some of the other girls working on floating the sidewalk. Looks like they floated Amy in order to float the concrete.

Here is a good shot of the sidewalk forms they built.

Amy's in the green shirt on the right side of the picture:

I thought Amy was joking about keeping the chickens off the fresh concrete, but apparently it was no joke. To solve the problem, Amy took a broom and made "swish" strokes across the sidewalk.

Each day two team members help in the kitchen on KP duty. Here's Amy working to filter the water.

Looks like they did try to wash their socks.

Here's her team at a Mayan temple. Amy's in the middle - no big surprise there.

Happy she went; happier she's back.