Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Week in Review

What a week. Besides the normal, everyday stuff of teaching and cleaning and cooking, (okay, not a lot of cleaning … I just have a hard time getting excited about cleaning when I know, within two minutes of washing the floors, someone will spill grape juice and I’ll have to do it all over again), Michael came home from being with my folks, Sean had the week off and his folks were in town for a few days.

Michael had a great time celebrating my Dad’s 65th birthday at the Football Hall of Fame. Mom knew Michael would like that, and she also knew Dad would enjoy talking with someone who knew what he was talking about. So it was win-win for all of them. Michael came home with a Detroit Lions sweatshirt; so now he has that and several Michigan State shirts and sweatshirts … I fear his identity is definitely moving to Michigan from Georgia. Hurts me a bit, but we can’t ignore where we live now, I suppose. Goodness knows I’ve tried.

Sean was glad to have the week off and not be at the plant during the strike. It was extremely frustrating for him; obviously he has a different view of upper management than the UAW does but he’d felt like strides had been made that would have helped avoid a strike. I just wish GM had the opportunity to fire all the strikers like Reagan did with the air traffic controllers.

Of course, GM’s poor management decision in the 60’s and 70’s led to the current problem; what the heck were they thinking back then? Oh, that’s right; they thought no one would ever buy rice-burners. But now that that thought has been clearly disproved, even the UAW has to realize that GM, and the other Big Three automakers, must drastically change every aspect of their business. And that includes the Union being willing to participate in those changes. But what the heck; each Union member who votes for the new contract is going to get $3,000, so I guess the bribery part of the business continues.

And, of course, Sean’s folks were here. Sean’s dad is in his 60’s and can out-work a man half his age. He and Sean worked in the yard all day, and when Sean came in to shower Chuck was still going. The man is a machine. I don’t know how he does it.

Sean’s mom was wonderful to have here as well. She read Rebecca’s history to her and ironed like crazy. She makes dress shirts and slacks look like they could stand up all by themselves, no hanger needed. I told the kids to watch her and learn from the master, because when I iron I usually make more creases where they’re not supposed to be than where they are.

It’s a beautiful day here. Rebecca’s at Chloe’s, Sean, Michael and Amy are at Sean’s organ lesson, and I’m here enjoying some Jackson Browne on my iPod, typing away. Two Jehovah’s Witnesses just rang the doorbell; two lovely women, so misguided. I asked if I could pray for them and it seemed the words weren’t coming from me. They were surprised as well.

Sean’s taking me out for dinner tonight in an attempt to make up for The Golden Rose episode last week. Goodness knows it couldn’t be any worse! I suppose I shouldn’t say that… I'll let you know.