Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pictures from the week

We've been painting the downstairs for a while now; the family room and kitchen are finished, and the foyer is almost done. Well, it's as done as we can get it. The two-story ceiling is a lot higher than I’d thought.

We went to the hardware store today to rent an extension ladder; it was 24 feet and I was convinced I’d just shimmy right up it, paint the wall up to the ceiling, and be done tonight. I was mistaken.

We paid to rent the thing, got it home, set it up against the wall; I climbed up it and freaked out. Do you know how high up that is? It is really, really high. So we’re going to take the ladder back tomorrow and pay someone to finish up.

As I was uploading some pictures I realized I had taken one of Rebecca right after she had her teeth pulled. Look at the right side of her face – it’s drooping due to the Novocain, plus you can see the huge gap between the front teeth and the next closest one. You can also see her face is flushed from crying. She’s still swearing off dentists.