Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Look Who's Copying the General

Well, what do we have here? Looks like mighty Toyota is stealing from the General... you'd think if they were going to so blatantly copy the Buick Enclave they'd have the smarts to not show it with the Enclave's signature Cocoa color.

Holy cow is it ugly.

I love this paragraph from the Motor Trend website:

DETROIT - Toyota describes its 2009 Venza as a vehicle for sedan owners who want to move up and SUV owners who want to downsize. It has the comfort of a Camry, the function of a 4Runner and the luxury of an Avalon. And, Toyota neglected to say, the look of a Buick. Why not? Until the American brand's emerging renaissance, pundits called the Avalon "the world's best Buick." For the Venza's premier, Toyota even copied the Buick Enclave's signature Cocoa bronze paint color.
Who would have ever thought that Toyota would be compared to Buick in a positive light... GM has come a long, long way.

Here's the real deal (and in case you forgot, my husband helps build these!):