Saturday, May 17, 2008

Babywise book club update

The book club's first meeting went well! We focused on the importance of the husband/wife relationship and on different feeding philosophies, parent-directed feeding vs. demand. The mom who was opposed to the book came and she was a welcomed addition. She was honest and admitted she had concerns, but was there because her first-born didn’t sleep well and she was tired! When I talked to my sister (who is a counselor and had her own difficulties with the material) today she offered some interesting insights to this mom’s concerns and I hope to be more in tune to those as we progress.

I must admit I felt like a dinosaur in that living room. One of the women there was older, but her first is only two and she’s expecting her second, so she seems younger. And the majority of the ladies there were in their late 20’s… it just doesn’t seem that long ago, but when I think that I had Rebecca at 29 and she’s now finishing second grade, well, I guess I really don’t fit in that demographic any more.

Quite honestly, I don’t think I’d want to go back to the baby stage. I’m having a blast with the kids now that they’re older, and when I think of all the opportunities we have as a family now that I’m not stopping to nurse or having to make sure someone can nap, well, the world is completely our oyster. Okay, maybe not the world, but our little corner of it is! And I cannot help but think that the principles in Babywise and the following books have helped make our fun family life possible. That’s what I really want these new mommies to understand. It’s hard work in the first several years, but the rewards you reap later make that work so worthwhile.