Monday, June 02, 2008

A week away

We spent last week in Atlanta – it was most definitely Hotlanta for a few of the days. I did not mind one little bit coming back to the relative coolness of Michigan. I’d forgotten what it’s like to get out of the shower and break into a sweat thanks to the humidity.

I saw some friends whom I miss like crazy; it was good to catch up. We celebrated my nephew’s graduation from kindergarten. He wore a cap and gown, processed in, then he and his fellow graduates serenaded us with great hits like Father Abraham, Who Did Swallow Jonah, the Noah song and seven others – no joke. They sang for thirty minutes! We spent a day and night with Sean’s sister and her precious family. Those kids are growing like weeds. And we ate at Chick-fil-A four times.

But we’re back in the cooler climes of mid-Michigan and I must admit I was ready to get back. I didn’t want to miss a second Sunday at our church, I was ready to open the windows again, and, as much as Georgia will always be home, this crazy place has grown on me. There is so much to like here. I’ve already mentioned the weather, but, please, let me mention it again. In Atlanta I was constantly sweating; from April to October I was one big puddle of sweat. (And this whole glistening things is stupid; I don’t care how fancy a Southern belle you are, you don’t glisten in Atlanta’s heat. You sweat. A lot.) And holy cow, the traffic there is out of control. I don’t know if I could live there again and face all those cars. If it were only the highways I could handle it, but the side streets are so congested and they’re full night and day. I definitely appreciated Lansing’s less-than-crowded thoroughfares after spending a few days on North Atlanta’s.

So it is good to be back. I can’t bring myself to say “home” because that just feels wrong. How do you have two homes? But it is good to be back, it was good to be in church and it was good to have friends who missed me. That sounds a lot like home. Even if I don’t call it that.

I'll never get enough of that yummy Chick-fil-A goodness!