Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

We spent the last few days at Oak Cove Resort. It was good to be away from the news; I was glad to not hear anything about Obama, McCain, GM or anything related to the apparent demise of our current way of life.

We went with Molly, her two sweet kids and her husband, Jeff. We met this family about two months after moving up here. We used the same GM-supplied realtor who knew we were both in the same predicament: we both moved to Lansing because our husbands were transferred with GM, and we knew no one. So she suggested Molly give me a call. Thankfully Molly did, and we’ve been fast friends ever since.

It’s rare to find a family where all parties get along. But our kids play well together despite the age differences, and Jeff and Sean play well together too, despite their age difference.

It’s interesting to watch Michael interact with this family. He is patient and gentle with the girls, but he also thoroughly enjoys being around Jeff. Jeff collects knives, plays a mean game of Guitar Hero and likes guns. To a fourteen year old boy, that is beyond impressive.

This was the best kind of vacay: I didn’t cook one little thing. Breakfast and dinner were both provided and were served in the main lodge. The food was good, good, good. Pork and stuffing one night, ham and cheesy potatoes another and each night an amazing salad bar was prepared. Omelets, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit with toast and homemade jam greeted us each morning. That is not a bad way to vacation. Of course, it’s not a good way to stay tucked into your bathing suit, either, so it’s a good thing we didn’t go for the whole week. We would have had to be rolled out in wheelbarrows.

The owners were a lovely couple who’ve been running the resort for over 30 years. They remembered us by name each and every time they saw us. Bob served the main courses and each time we walked up to the buffet he would greet us by name and ask how our day was. That kind of name retention is ├╝ber-impressive.

Vacationing with Molly is like having your own professional photographer capturing your entire trip on film. One of these days she’s going to open her photography business… Below you’ll see wonderful pictures of our trip, thanks to Molly.

Playing Chinese Checkers after a long day swimming

Rebecca jumping off the floating platform

Michael and Amy

Jeff gets his kids started early... (Molly wanted me to make sure everyone knows it's grape juice)

Sweet Rebecca floating along

We thought this one was cool - looks like Michael's walking on water!

The main lodge of Oak Cove Resort