Saturday, August 16, 2008

I got a good one

The kids and I had a commitment at church this morning and Sean had to work so we decided we’d meet back at home around lunchtime to clean the house before our dinner guests got there and saw how we really live.*

As I was leaving church a friend told me she’d gotten a flat tire on her way to church and her husband was not only out of town but out of the country. She’d never had a flat tire and had no clue how to change it. I’ve changed a tire or two in my day but that was a while ago. I decided to call Sean and see if he could meet us at her car and help me.

He did not hesitate. He got right off the phone, drove straight to my friend’s house and he and Michael, in 20 minutes, changed the tire.

If you are dating someone and he’s willing do forgo his very rare Saturday nap to help your friend change a tire, marry him immediately.

*One of my biggest writing struggles is verb tenses. The tenses in this sentence seem off. Anyone have any suggestions?