Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What is this feeling?

I stepped out of the shower this morning, dried off but felt damp immediately. Then I heard the weather report: steamy, humid, high of 94. Oh yes, I remember this... and I remember I do not like it!

It's been a scorcher of a week here in aptly nicknamed Hotlanta. The three H's - hazy, hot, humid - have reared their ugly heads and we have felt them all. Even with the air conditioner running full bore it's still warm. And I've been edgy. I forgot how much I hated the heat. I mean, I remember not leaving my house from April - September and I remember standing in front of the window A/C unit we installed in my bathroom praying for coolness and I remember wilting just stepping from the car to go anywhere, but remembering and actually feeling it again are two different things.

I cussed like a sailor when I lived here (okay, probably not like a sailor but a lot for a girl raised in the genteel South). Between the traffic and the heat I think I know why.