Monday, September 01, 2008

The Summer's (Almost) Over

There’s a lot of groaning and gnashing of teeth at my house this afternoon; seems the reality that this is the last day of summer has come crashing down and at least one of my little people is not happy. Not. Happy.

I’ve been laboring a bit this Labor Day, getting weekly schedules written, dividing up the chore list and marking up my calendar with endless VB days – Amy’s on a volleyball team and our lives will be overrun with volleyball practices and games this September and October. I’ve written up everyone’s Domestic Tuesday chores through January and have planned out our writing and vocabulary curriculum through October. I’m still waiting on a few books to arrive and thankfully I don’t need them until next Monday; I didn’t give myself much cushion, but I do think I’ll have everything I need by then.

Bwahahaha! “I think I’ll have everything I need…” The lie all homeschool moms believe the day before school starts. Oh, I needed that laugh, even if I gave it to myself.

So tomorrow we meet at the kitchen table at 8:30, bright and early to start our fifth year of homeschooling. We’ll work until 10, then head out to the airport to pick up my Dad who’s coming for a three day visit, which will completely derail all my hopes of organization. I often say we shouldn’t let school get in the way of a good education; I guess in this case the saying should be I shouldn’t let school get in the way of a really fun visit with the grandfather.

We’ll get back on track next Monday…