Monday, November 17, 2008

Who's there?

I saw two surprises when I looked out my kitchen window this morning. First, the snow. I know; snow should not surprise me any more. But after last Monday’s snow melted I thought maybe we wouldn’t see any again until December… but here it is again.

And the second surprise was seeing a portion of a swing set in the backyard of the house behind us. No one has lived there for almost two years and it’s been a tad depressing to never see any lights on or any semblance of life back there. But this morning a portion of a big ol’ swing set is sitting in the backyard, with lots of footprints in the snow around it.

This, obviously, means there are children back there. (Well, I guess the owners could be grandparents but in all likelihood the new occupants have kids.) My kids immediately began guessing the ages of the new neighbor-kids. Amy was disappointed because she figured the young ‘uns must be really little to warrant the swing set, but then she realized the little ones could have older siblings. Michael and Amy both thought potential babysitting dollars could be waiting just beyond the pines. Rebecca’s hoping an eight year-old girl lives back there.

I’m hoping it’s a home schooling family of three (boy, girl, girl) with a mom who’s passionate about algebra and physical science but needs help with grammar and writing.

All speculation will be put to rest this afternoon when we take cookies over in an attempt to welcome them to the ‘hood. An update will follow.