Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grease is the word

I love giving presents, so you’d think this time of year would be a good one for me. But it’s actually very difficult because my family has this crazy notion that we should wait until Christmas to open presents. As soon as I get a Christmas present for someone I feel compelled by something deep within me to give it immediately. I’ve actually sent a few things from Amazon straight to my Mom’s house so I won’t be tempted to give them to Sean before Christmas. And the fact that we’ve hidden a big ol’ Christmas present for the kids in the garage is killing me! Each time we go out there I’m dying to tell them where and what it is. So far I’ve resisted the urge but the closer it gets to the big day the harder it will be for me.

I celebrated a major secret-keeping Tuesday night. I got Sean tickets to see Grease at the Wharton Center. It was an early Christmas present (my favorite kind!) because the show’s playing this week. It’d be kind of a bummer for him to open the tickets for December 9 on December 25. Anyway, I actually kept the secret until we were driving to the theater. I tried to get him to ask yes or no questions so I could finally tell him but he didn’t want to know. Mark that down as just one of the bazillion ways we’re complete opposites.

He led the pit orchestra for his high school’s production of Grease and has many fond memories of the rehearsals; they began practice immediately following school and didn’t wrap up until long after dark. His mom would bring him dinner and he’d eat right at the piano. He loves musicals and I knew he’d love reliving some of his glory days, so off we went.

Well, Wicked it wasn’t (really, what is?) but it was fun. Sean had a great time and I kept the secret! Unfortunately the people sitting two rows behind us had never been to the theater because they didn’t know they were supposed to stop talking when the lights went down. People – the theater is not like watching TV in your living room. You have to be quiet. Seriously. Sean and I both asked them to hush several times but finally gave up. They talked all the way through the curtain call. Unreal.

Sean walked out singing the songs and reminiscing. He had great stories about practices and how the Danny in their production got the role - seems he was sleeping with the drama teacher… Sean's sister was Jan and he recalled looking up at her from the pit, being amazed that his little sister sounded so good (and still does, for that matter).

Except for the culturally illiterate sitting behind us we had a wonderful time. Now if I can just hold my tongue for 15 more days… I don’t know if I’ll make it!

Taylor Hicks of American Idol played the role of Teen Angel. He sang well and seemed downright adorable, but couldn't hold a candle to the other guys in the cast. Why in the world don't some of the folks from Broadway try out for AI? Those people can flat sing.