Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Kathy!

When Amy was in kindergarten we participated in a homeschool kindergarten club. Five families were involved and once a week we’d meet at a different family’s house for a few hours of structured insanity. We’d do crafts and reading and an assortment of other things kindergartens love. But after the first few meetings it became clear I was there mainly to get to know the other moms because they were some of the most amazing, wonderful ladies I’d hung out with in a long time.

After our first year together one family dropped out leaving a core group of four. Each of our kids moved on to other school situations but the four moms didn’t want to give up meeting. So we started a Bible study. We had good intentions in giving it that name but our Tuesday night get-togethers quickly became less a Bible study and more a time to talk and pray. Those three women are the girls the slogan, “We’ll always be friends – you know too much!” was written for.

Today marks a significant day in the life of our club – one of us is turning 40. She’s blazing a trail that each of us will follow in the next few years, Lord willing. So far Kathy’s handling it well – at least she was when I saw her at Christmas. But knowing Kathy, she’ll be fine. She has been through more in the six years I’ve known her than some women experience in a lifetime. I don’t think turning 40 will faze her.

I talked with Hope last night. She and Carolyn were getting a gift together from the three of us and she wanted to run a last-minute idea by me. I’m thankful they’ll see Kathy today to hug her and support her and give her wine if needed.

Sean walked in as I was hanging up with Hope. I began to tell him what Hope and Carolyn had planned for Kathy’s birthday because I was truly excited. Before I knew it I was crying. (Who didn’t see that coming? If not you haven’t been reading this blog very long.) I thought I was okay not being there. I was wrong.

I wish I could be there to give a basket full of Geritol and boxes of hair color and tubes of anti-wrinkle cream. I wish I could sing happy birthday and make fun of how many candles are on her cake. I wish I could see her expression when she realized her husband planned a surprise luncheon for her.

But what I really wish is that Kathy has a wonderful 40th birthday, knowing she is deeply loved by many. For Kathy, the best days are ahead.

(And I hope Kathy remembers that I didn’t do any mean 40th birthday stuff to her because I’m next!)