Friday, January 16, 2009

Rescue Mission

This morning we were out of orange juice (which happens with alarming regularity even though it seems I’m always buying gallons at a time) so I went to the garage where I keep the grape/cranberry/apple/whatever fruit juice is on sale. And this morning the cranapple juice was frozen.

I took it inside and we all got a good chuckle, laughing about how dadgum cold it must be to freeze the entire bottle of juice. I chopped up some of it and called it slushies. And then I went to get my juice, diet Coke, which I also keep outside, right next to the juices.

If you understand what happens when carbonated beverages freeze you know the scene that awaited me. It was if someone shot my beloved diet Cokes… it was not pretty. So what began as a beverage-getting mission became a rescue mission.

Of the 24 cans I was able to save 19, although a few were irreparably damaged. The five that gave their bubbles to teach me a lesson did not burst in vain; I’ve moved every liquid anything inside until this wicked cold spell leaves.

And we'll call that our science lesson for today.