Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Odds and Ends

About a year ago I signed up with Google’s AdSense program which places content-related ads on blogs. I get a cut of whatever the advertisers take in from referrals from my blog. Year to date the grand total is $12.34. I’ll be able to support the family in no time…

Anyway, when I signed on last night to read the (very comical) comments about my yearly physical I looked at the ads – here’s what they were:

I’m in love with the ExamFootsies. Those would definitely have made my appointment more comfortable. Because we all know stirrup covers make all the difference when your hoo ha is exposed.

And speaking of me supporting the family, thankfully Sean still has a job. For how long – who knows? That’s our little joke that’s really not so funny anymore… GM continues to be in the news. A crew from 20/20 will be at Sean’s plant this Thursday. Thankfully the good communication manager is back from maternity leave because the girl who handled the Greta Van Susteren interview completely bungled it. The guy she stuck in the car to give Greta info on the Buick Enclave was a moron – he chewed gum during the entire interview and didn’t know Oldsmobile’s slogan was “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile.” This is from the Fox News transcript:

VAN SUSTEREN: -- I sound like a Buick ad. Pretty soon, I will be on TV. Buy a Buick. It is not your grandmother's car.


VAN SUSTEREN: Or was that Oldsmobile that did that.

HANKERD: That was Buick.


HANKERD: I think it was.

Sean and I were nauseous watching the whole interview.

I wish they’d put Sean on with these reporters – his love for the company and vast knowledge of all things automotive would make him a great interview. But the news crews only want to talk to union folks. Makes me a tad ticked but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that. Although I did consider protesting outside the plant – waving big poster boards with catchy slogans like, “Talk to someone who went to college” or “My husband actually knows something about these here cars!” because camera crews cannot resist a protest with placards. Sean would die and not speak to me for a very long time so I nixed that idea. Just because I’m right doesn’t mean I have to go shouting it to the world. Now there’s some personal growth I tell you.