Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home from Home

Michael got back from Atlanta last night. I wasn’t sure he was going to make it since my mom called twice to see if his visit could be extended. She’s about as good at saying “Goodbye” as she is at saying “No” to the grandchildren.

Michael and Calvin had a swell time. Sean’s folks took them to a Gwinnett Braves game, slot car racing and to a car show. (Sean’s dad’s Corvette won the Fan Favorite award at the show!) My parents took them to an IMAX movie, Centennial Olympic Park and Mary Mac’s Tea Room, an Atlanta institution. (You want good Southern cooking you go to Mary Mac’s.) They got to see Sean’s sister Jill and her sweet family and visit with cousins. It was a good time.

I knew he’d have to go through a little grandma detox, but the transition home has been more difficult than I expected. All the visits and fun times with family peeled back the scab that covered the painful wound of our move.

After the move Rebecca rebounded most quickly. Michael was a close second. (We’re still waiting on Amy…) But something happened during this trip; it clicked for Michael that he is missing out on being around family.

When we lived in Atlanta Michael spent the night regularly with both sets of grandparents. He had them to himself for 2 ½ years – even longer, really, because Amy didn’t get into the spend-the-night-mix for another year. He had those grandparents wrapped around his little finger; they would do anything for him. And, obviously, still will. He has a special relationship with all four grands. This weekend it hit him hard that he misses the regular time he used to spend with them.

My immediate thought: Two of my children are dying inside; how do we move back?

My next thoughts: The plant is closed. No job. No food. Eating is important…

Obviously Sean is marketable and could get a job outside an assembly plant. But building cars for GM is not only what he loves but what he feels called to. Lansing is about the best place to do that. There are two plants that would put us closer (Kentucky and Tennessee) but at the moment GM’s not moving people around – don’t know if you’ve heard but they’re having a bit of a financial problem. Plus, the plant in Tennessee is slated to close this winter. Besides, moving closer doesn’t solve the problem; it only cuts down the drive time. We’re still not there.

As Michael was getting ready for bed tonight he said, “I wish I were eight. It was a lot easier back then.”

Oh, dear son. I so agree.

Rebecca couldn't wait for Michael to come home!
As soon as she saw him she ran and gave him a hug.

As Sean's dad says, "Home again jiggity pig." I have
no idea what it means but it gets said a lot at our house.