Monday, October 12, 2009

Chickens and donkeys and Bugs, oh my

So Rebecca's getting into the act of taking little knickknacks and putting them where they don’t belong. Case in point: I have two chickens on the ledge by my kitchen sink. We’ve had the smaller one for years and she’s always called it a “Looley” for the sound she said roosters made: looley looley loo. (Did I mention she had a severe hearing problem from birth to age 3?) She took the Looley and stuck it into the plant I also keep on my kitchen ledge.

Once I mentioned that Michael might stick Don Key the Donkey in the light fixture he decided he wouldn’t do that. Too predictable, he said. Please remember the only thing I asked of him was to keep the donkey in his room. No such luck. Here is Mr. Key lounging on my unmade bed (this should teach me to always make my bed!):

And a few pictures of the last car show of the season. Our favorite car wasn’t even registered for the show; it was a red Bug in the parking lot just down from our car. Rebecca was in heaven. And, truth be told, so was Sean.

By the way, this show was two weeks ago. Notice Rebecca's bare arms? Not any longer. It wasn't even 30 degrees when we made our way to church Sunday morning. The cold is coming. I am not happy...