Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If only the wrinkly look would be in

See this lovely armoire? And the cozy chair and pretty light? Don’t they all just seem to say, “Christy, please, sit a spell! Read a book! Take a load off.” Yes, that’s what they seem to say.

Unless you know what’s in the armoire.

That’s where I keep all the clothes that need to be ironed. I take them out of the dryer and move them right to the cabinet of the job-I-hate. Then I close the doors and pretend nothing’s in there.

When I open it up and stuff falls out, well, I have to deal with it and, obviously, I’ve reached that point. I can’t stuff in any more. I know this because I tried and couldn’t shut the doors.

What I’d like is for the Ironing Fairy to get her little backside over here, wave her magic wand and “Poof!” Clothes ironed, hung on hangers and placed in the correct closets.

So far, no Ironing Fairy.

So that’s what I’ll be doing today: ironing. And while I do hate it I will attempt to be thankful for clothes and electricity and the fact that I’m using an iron and not a hot rock.

Even so, I think I’m only going to buy wrinkle-free shirts from now on.