Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Funnies

My friend Terri posted a literal video version of Total Eclipse of the Heart on her Facebook page (warning: it's hilarious but not entirely family-friendly). One good time-waster deserves another, so I spent about 30 minutes watching many, many more literal video versions of some of the best songs from the 80's - this was my fav. Ah, Journey, how I love you.

I almost didn't click on this one because the title is, "Cop Fail" and who wants to mock a policeman? But I'm glad curiosity got the best of me because this is an incredibly comical 911 call:

This is too stinking funny. I don't care if you think Osteen is great (if you do you're reading the wrong blog), when he gets to the part about Carl shutting the baby up, cross your legs because it's pee-in-your-pants hysterical. (I suppose if you haven't had three children you don't need to cross your legs. And yes, Mom, I'm going to get that little problem checked out.)

If you have any great videos or cartoons that I could use on Fridays please feel free to send them my way. There's a nifty little, "Contact Me" button up there - use it! I'll gladly give you credit and a big ol' thank you!

Happy weekend, y'all!