Monday, December 07, 2009

And a Batmobile in a Pear Tree

Tree #2 is up and decorated with glass balls and all things automotive. Sean is thrilled. Amy tried to put a non-transportation-themed ornament on the tree and was informed by her brother that this tree was for ornaments with wheels only. Those boys are hard-core about this being a car-only tree. With little glass globes and balls. I don’t see how those two go together, but it’s not my tree.

Rebecca doesn’t remember having a real tree. We moved up here when she was five and every Christmas since we’ve had a fake one. She loved picking it out and smelling the pine scent. Once we got it in the stand she decided we shouldn’t put any lights or ornaments on Herald (yes, she named him for, "Hark the herald angels sing") because he looked perfect just like God made him. You should have seen what happened when she learned we wouldn’t be keeping Herald forever, that he would end up in the trash… She was moderately pacified with the thought that we'll recycle him.

I think we just stared a new family tradition. Although next year Rebecca would prefer we get a tree we don't throw away.
Rebecca and Herald

Chevy pickup

1957 Chevy Bel Air

Pontiac GTO Judge

Olds Cutlass 442

The much-loved Star Trek ship. It actually has Spock's voice saying, "Live long and prosper."

Amy getting into the spirit with a pink Cadillac.

The Batmobile

Sean and a Pontiac Firebird