Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What's a girth unit?

If you still have packages to mail, just wait. Don’t go to the post office. Please. It will only put you in a grinchy mood. Well, maybe it’s just my post office – I have yet to go there and leave with a smile on my face. Seems whenever I enter the building it’s break time and no matter how many people are in line someone’s walking away from the desk.

And people think that won’t happen to health care?!**

But I digress…

My mother-in-law sent this funny clip she got from her very funny sister, whose husband retired from UPS. It made yesterday’s time in the post office seem much less difficult. While I’ve heard Brian Regan do this routine, the cartoons added a little punch. (I do wonder, though, if the author knows he spelled girth incorrectly, or if that’s part of the joke?)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

**Sorry, Ruth! I know you don't like that comparison but it seems apt to me.