Thursday, January 21, 2010

Now that's a great line!

We moved to Michigan at the end of April, which I now realize was wonderfully providential because the end of April is when Michiganders venture outside after being holed up during the winter months. And one of our across-the-street neighbors we met turned out to have a daughter Amy’s age, a son a few years younger and a mom I knew I wanted to get to know. Over the past four years the kids have gotten together and we’ve had occasion to chat here and there (she’s been a kind encourager about my blog) but we never managed to get our schedules to sync to allow for a dinner out with our husbands.

We renewed our attempts to schedule a double-date six months ago but school starting and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s got in the way. But when I flipped my calendar over to January 2010 I saw little squares with nothing on them. I emailed A., gave her several dates and we actually found a Saturday night that was free for both of us. I hurriedly marked the date and looked forward to an enjoyable night with our neighbors.

I was not disappointed. They are a fun couple, and we had a great dinner and better conversation. But I knew I’d found a true friend when I heard A. say, in response to a math-related question, “I’m a people person."


Why had I not thought of that line before?! In those four little words she said, “I’m more interested in people than numbers and I have no need to do math in my head that could very easily done on a calculator, ideally by someone else.”

I am so stealing that line.

(And A., I hope it doesn't take another six months before we get together again!)