Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Vacay detox

I picked the kids up from the airport at 10:30 Monday night. They’d had a great visit with aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. I’d had a fabulous few days myself. But Tuesday, break was over and school started again. Well, that was the plan, anyway.

Because we didn’t get home until midnight I told them I was okay if they slept in a little. Rebecca was up first at 9, a full two hours past her usual rise-and-shine time. Amy rolled out of bed around 10. By then I was knee-deep in books and art supplies; Rebecca and I were cleaning/reorganizing her part of the school room. My stomach started rumbling around 11:45; it was then I realized I hadn’t seen Michael yet. He definitely took advantage of the permission for extra shut-eye (and my absent-mindedness).

To his credit, when he did finally emerge he got right to his school work. That is if you consider mapping out his tour of the Detroit Auto Show, which comes to town in two weeks, school work. He had the diagram of the convention center up on his computer – when I glanced at the screen I said, “How, exactly, does that fit into your lesson plan?”

He begrudgingly exited the site, but not before informing me of lots of important car show facts. I can’t remember any of them now except that Fiat won’t be at the show. And that tidbit came from Rebecca, who is thrilled that Chrysler and Fiat have a new partnership that will bring Fiats back to the states. “I just love Fiats,” said Rebecca.

Amy and I are already making our plans for car show day; shopping elsewhere.

Anyway, once we got focused the day went well. Rebecca passed a math quiz with flying colors, Michael accomplished quite a bit of reading and Amy practiced the piano all day long. “Honey, you can’t just play the piano. You have to do your reading," said I.

“But, Mom,” Amy countered, “music education is so important. You don’t want me to miss out, do you?”

That child should be a lawyer.

So today’s a new day and everyone’s expected to begin by 9. We’ll see how that goes…