Sunday, January 31, 2010

Very random thoughts

My last random thoughts post was fun and well-received so I thought I’d give it another shot:

I had a cold this weekend. I’m not usually a good sick person but I enjoyed my down time thanks to the new Jon Krakauer book.

I feel much better today.

Went to Ikea this weekend. Holy cow, what a store. We came home with two bookcases and a new bed for Amy. It was a successful shopping trip on two fronts: we got what we went for and the family had fun together.

Michael loves the shopping carts at Ikea because they have four-wheel drive and he can drift them around corners.

In the kitchen section an elderly man told Michael he was driving the cart too wildly. (He wasn’t.)

Michael determined not to lose his sense of fun when he got old. (We agreed.)

We all shared two cinnamon rolls at the Ikea café. My goodness they were warm and yummy.

I would like an Ikea cinnamon roll right now.

There are 16 more weeks of school.

It’s probably not a good thing that the teacher is counting down the weeks left in school.

It’s probably not a good idea to admit that the teacher began her countdown the beginning of December.

We have not needed Big Red (our snow blower) since its inaugural use. For this I am extremely happy.

Got to hear C. J. Mahaney speak on Sunday morning. When he said he wasn’t a Carolina Tar Heels' fan Michael’s jaw dropped. But Mahaney also said he hated Duke, so Michael gave him a pass.
The most unsettling part of this kind of post is having no way to wrap things up. I do much better with a closing statement/paragraph/sentence.

That one didn’t work for me.

Neither did that.