Monday, February 22, 2010

One more Olympic week

I am in an Olympics-induced stupor. I love watching all the events but man, I have to get to bed earlier. Good thing the Games are only on one more week.

The skiing competitions are my favs to watch. After our successful ski trip last December I can’t help but think how fun it would be to try to ski down the Olympic slopes. The kids keep asking me if I could do the downhill races – of course I could. I’d just be a lot slower. And by a lot I mean I’d hit the slopes like molasses on a cold day. Although secretly I think, “Maybe more like syrup.”

My mom is here for the next few days so I had her bring up the picture of me, Sean and Michael at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics that she's had on her fridge since it was taken:

We were sitting in Centennial Olympic Park, and honey, you have no idea how hot it was. I am impressed, however, that the way I’m sitting masks my ginormously pregnant tummy. Amy was born three weeks after this picture was taken, which was a week past my due date. We look very patriotic, don't we? Love the gigantic scrunchy in my hair... I think that may have been the last time I ever wore shorts.

Tonight’s events include curling, ski jumping and more ice skating. A friend recently said he didn’t think ice skating should be considered a sport because athletes wear uniforms, not costumes. Have to admit Dr. Nick, you have a point. And Michael completely agrees.