Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Proof I did it!

Here we are at 6:30 in the hotel lobby.  That smile on my face is hiding the fact that I was fairly certain I was going to throw up.  And yes, Michael's gotten incredibly tall.  Although he does look unusually tall in this one. He'll love it.

Kathy, Amy, me and Michael before the race.  I kept my New Year's resolution by wearing fun silver earrings.  I was hoping they would offset my old, paint-stained sweatshirt.

There were a lot of people.  A. Lot.  A whole big bunch of people.  Which was kind of nice because as we stood in that group waiting for the start it didn't feel quite as cold.

Sean looking for us.

The top 5K runners - this picture is the only glimpse I got of them.

Michael and Kathy waving.  Amy and I are in there somewhere.

We made it!  Notice Michael and Kathy are not sweating.  Amy wasn't either.

Me with Carolyn, Kathy and Hope - three wonderful, supportive friends.  We'll be dear friends forever because we know way too much about each other!