Monday, June 14, 2010

Slurpees, movies, swimming, more Slurpees...

My niece, Megan, arrived last Thursday! Yay!

Here's Rebecca waiting patiently for Megan to get off the plane:

Here's Rebecca waiting not quite as patiently for Megan to get off the plane:

Megan finally arrives and I have some happy girls on my hands:

Megan and her family feel about 7-11 and Slurpees the same way I feel about Chick-fil-A.  So as soon as we got her bags our first stop was a 7-11:

And the next day we made another Slurpee run:

Sean, Rebecca and I took Megan to the botanical gardens on MSU's campus.  It was a beautiful evening.

Watching the frogs:

Deciding which plants to look at next.  They actually grow kudzu.  Who in their right mind grows kudzu?

My sister doesn't eat red meat or bacon, therefore her family doesn't eat red meat or bacon. We decided to fix that right up.  Bacon!  The candy of meat!

And for some more artery-hardening fun, we took Megan to our favorite Lansing pizza place.  So good!

We also went to Hawk Island Park.  I cannot believe we've lived here five years and never gone there.  What  a great park!  It was a little overcast when we went, so Sean and I didn't suit up.  The kids, though, were ready to swim.  They were the correct ones, because when we got there the sky opened up, the clouds disappeared and the sun shone down and thrilled the sun bathers and swimmers.  And I was woefully unprepared:

I now have a lovely farmer's tan - and that's a picture I took this morning.  It was much more lobster-like yesterday.  And you should see the line my capri pants made.

We've also spent a good deal of time watching Anne of Green Gables.  Did you know there are three Anne movies?  And did you know the total viewing time of all three movies is over eight hours?  I think we're going to manage to get the third one finished tonight.  Megan has definitely drunk the Avonlea Kool-Aid; we've created an Anne lover, that's for sure.

I have one more full day with my sweet niece; I intend to make the most of it!