Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kenya, day 5

Did you miss the updates for days 1 - 4?  So did I.  This is only the second time I've had access to the internet since we got here and the first time my computer kept crashing.  So yay for a good connection tonight!

It's Thursday night in Kenya and our team completed our work at the school.  We built tables and bookshelves and bulletin boards.  And by, "built" I mean from scratch.  "Hey team, there's the lumber, here are the dimensions, go build it!"  Ikea, this wasn't.  Michael and Sean were on the bulletin board team; they got to run a power saw and a table saw and a nail gun to build the bulletin boards.  Amy used a power saw as she helped her team build the tables.  I didn't use any of those things but I did single-handedly mix a batch of cement - took me back to 1987 when I was in Kenya the first time.  I had blisters then and I have blisters now.

While officially on the bulletin board team, Rebecca found great joy in playing with the school children.  By the second day the little girls were calling her name as we drove into the compound.  Whenever I'd look up from my work I'd see a swarm of Muslim girls, clad in green from head to toe surrounding my little one.  She certainly stood out in her pink shirt and white skirt.

For those praying I would handle the heat well, thank you.  Apparently God knew I wouldn't, so He sent a cold front through our part of Kenya.  Now, cold is relative, and it's been in the mid-90's, but there has been a steady, often gusty, breeze and it's kept me from melting.  Thank you for your prayers - I beg you to keep them up!

It hasn't been all work; this afternoon we drove 3 kilometers from our worksite and saw giraffes in the wild.  It was amazing.

Tomorrow we leave this worksite and head back to Nairobi for a night.  On Saturday we'll travel to the place we did our work 23 years ago.  We'll be officially received by the school and church.  I'm near tears just imagining it.

Wish I could upload pictures but I'm not on my own computer.  I'll get them on here as soon as I can.

Thanks for enduring the repeat blog posts.  New stuff is coming - I promise!  Well, as soon as I get my next connection.