Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Because $0 is better...

"Workers at a General Motors stamping plant in Indianapolis have rejected pay cuts sought by a company wanting to buy the factory that is on GM's closing list.

Addison, Ill.-based JD Norman Industries said it was dropping its effort to buy the factory after Monday's announcement that United Auto Workers members had voted 457-96 against accepting the concessions.

UAW Local 23 bargaining chairman Gregory Clark tells The Indianapolis Star that the proposal "gutted everything" from the union's contract at the plant. National UAW officials had backed the offer cutting base wages from $29 an hour to $15.50.

GM announced last year it planned to close the plant in 2011. Many workers expect they will be able to transfer to other GM factories."

Hey, Local 23: even the national UAW knew it was a good move to accept this proposal.  I hope the 457 of you who voted against this will go to the families of the 96 who voted to keep their jobs and explain why no paycheck is better than half a paycheck...

(And to any union folks who read this and work with Sean (including Dave - hi!) he doesn't know I'm posting this so don't hold it against him.)