Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

Last night, a friend from church told me she thought about me when her AARP magazine arrived. I was mildly offended until I saw the cover:

Bonus – she gave me the magazine!

And then I realized my favorite singer of all time is on the cover of the magazine for retired people. And someone I consider a friend and peer was the recipient of the magazine.


But Sean will get his copy before I get mine, so I do find some comfort in that.

Only 36 more days until the Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith concert in Atlanta!

The concert is at an outdoor amphitheater. I am going to die of heat stroke.  And that is how much I love Amy Grant. Willing to sit in the sweltering Atlanta-in-July heat to see a concert I’ve already seen. Despite my impending death, I am very excited about the show. Cannot wait.

This will be my 40th Amy Grant concert.

Wow... That even freaks me out a little bit.

So the cooking lessons continue. This week, Michael’s learning the manly art of grilling. Tuesday, pork tenderloin. Wednesday, hot dogs. Neither burned, so I call that success.

Rebecca is now feeling better about Michael’s ability to feed himself when he has his own house.

I am feeling confident Rebecca will master baking cookies before she has her own house. Chocolate chip = excellent. Peanut Butter = perfection. 

Amy got her hair trimmed yesterday. She came out of the salon and I thought if hair transplants were possible I would seriously consider paying Amy for her head of hair.

I am currently growing my hair out. Those are some scary words in our abode. They usually mean hair is in my face, which makes me crazy. So I pull it back in a clipper on the top of my head. Which means I'm crazy and my hair looks ridiculous.

I really should look into that hair transplant idea.

I think it might be called a wig.

If only Amy Grant had her own line of wigs like Raquel Welch...