Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turbo-charged TTTFFN

Last Saturday, Sean and I took Michael and his friend, Calvin, to the airport so they could fly down to Hot’lanta; they’re spending this week with our families in Georgia. The first three days they stayed with my parents; for the last leg of their vacation they’re staying with Sean’s, and they’ll get to see Sean’s sister and her kids, too.  So far they’ve gone to the World of Coke and Six Flags. They’ve seen several movies and have eaten out, too. They are being treated like kings.
But seeing as last night was Totally Terrific Tuesday Family Fun Night, I thought I should pass along a few pictures so Michael would know we're thinking of him. We ate a yummy dinner together at home, then scooted to Scoopy Doos for ice cream. We took a long walk around downtown. For some reason all the fire trucks were out so we got to see them, too.

Oh, and Michael, Dad brought home his new company car:

Bet you wish you were here, son!

Now, this is very possibly the least-practical company car my husband has ever driven. It only seats four, as long as the two in the back have teeny tiny bottoms and no legs. It won’t haul anything and I don’t have any idea how Michael’s going to get the lawn mower to his mowing job. (I am thinking this is my way out of landscaping, however, so that’s one check in the pro column.) But I don’t know how in the world I could possibly complain about this car. Because this car makes all those hours he works so worth it to him. It actually makes the 4:15 am alarm a little less shrill because he knows he’s going to get to drive that car to work.

So it looks like we’ll be driving two cars everywhere we go for the next six months.  Will it be a pain? Sometimes. Will I have to readjust my gasoline budget? No doubt. Does this mean he’ll spend a lot more time in the garage? Yep. But that man has gotten up before the crack of dawn for the past 25 years and worked long hours to give me the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom. He never complains. He thanks me for my hard work (which, trust me, does not start before the sun gets up). He leads our family well. The least I can do is drive behind him for the next few months.  

Besides, both he and that Camaro look good from the back.

I don't think he's stopped smiling yet!

The newest driver in the family is pretty happy, too!