Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Which came first?

Recently I was talking with a friend - a very musically-literate friend, mind you - and the subject of Bethany Dillon came up. Miss Dillon is a young singer who covered Amy Grant's Lead Me On. I couldn't even listen to her remake because really, who covers Lead Me On?*

I mentioned to my friend that I couldn't listen to her version of Lead Me On because only AG should ever sing that classic. And my friend - my very musically-literate friend - said, "What do you mean?" She did not know that Amy Grant recorded it first. Or at all.

Oh. My. Word. Y'all, how is that possible?

I was about to lecture her on her incredibly poor knowledge of contemporary Christian music when it dawned on me that contemporary to her was several decades away from my contemporary music world. Nothing like 15 year age difference to put things in perspective.

Regardless, it is my duty to introduce her to the real Lead Me On. I'm sure that falls under my responsibilities from Titus 2 somehow.

So, my friend, feast your eyes and ears on the real Lead Me On!

The original Lead Me On music video - my word, the hours I spent trying to get my hair to look like that:

A recent recording with Michael W. Smith (that's Will Owsley on guitar and Kim Keyes with the lead back-up):

And to be fair, the song by Bethany Dillon:

* (Ms. Dillon has some other lovely songs. And Ms. Dillon, if you have google reader and find this, please know I really do wish you the best! Just don't cover any more AG songs and we'll be good to go.)