Monday, July 25, 2011

What did she say?!

We’re not big TV watchers over here; well, Sean and I aren’t. Michael, however, would watch the Speed Channel all day long if he didn’t have someone saying, “Haven’t you seen that race before? Turn of that TV and get some fresh air!” Yes, I’ve turned into my mother… 

Anyway, one show I really like is In Plain Sight, which is about the witness protection program and two of the U.S. Marshalls who work with newly-relocated witnesses. Some of the witnesses are innocent bystanders who happen to be at the wrong place at the very worst time. Others are criminals who’ve turned on their partners in crime for a deal. But all witnesses must change their names, move far from home and assume a completely different life than they were leading.

Mary Shannon, the female lead, is quite the character. Imagine every stereotype of what happens when a dad abandons a daughter and her mother becomes an alcoholic – then double the crazy and you have Mary. I realize she’s fictional, but I find myself saying, “Oh, honey, you need Jesus,” about seven times per episode.

On the most recent show I saw, (I’m a little behind because I watch it on the USA Network website but they don’t post the shows until one full month after they originally aired – please do not get me started on that mess of nonsense), someone was talking about forgiveness, and Mary said, “Forgiveness is for people who deserve it.”


My word, y’all, if only the people who deserve forgiveness got it, we’d have a lot of unforgiven people out there. Myself included.

I caught myself wanting to pray for her right then and there – but, of course, she’s not real. The writer who put those words in her mouth, however, certainly is. As are the editors and directors and producers who heard that gobbledygook and let it make its way into the show. So I prayed for them.

Next time Michael flips on the Speed Channel, I think I'll be more thankful. At least he doesn't hear that kind of drivel during a NASCAR race.