Monday, August 01, 2011

Concert wrap-up

(Sorry for the delay - I had a few technical difficulties, but I'm back, up and running. Thanks for your patience!)

Amy Grant Concert #40 is in the books. It was held at my least favorite venue, Chastain Park.  Least favorite for two reasons: first, it’s outside, and outside in the summer in Atlanta is not where I want to be. Second, concert-goers bring their dinner. The floor and first several rows are outfitted with tables and chairs and many go all out, bringing tablecloths, centerpieces, candles, and all kinds of delicious goodies. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong. People eat and talk through the entire show. They act like the live performers are simply background music for their dinner party.  Y’all, if you wanted a picnic with music, pack a basket and an iPod and head to Stone Mountain.

Kim, thanks for a great evening!
Anyway, the show was similar to the one we saw in Holland earlier this year. She opened with Stay for A While, moved into Everywhere I Go, then to Saved by Love. Oh, y’all, that is good music. She sang Sing Your Praise to the Lord, El Shaddai, Better Than a Hallelujah, What is the Chance of That among others.

I don’t know if the heat played a role, but they shortened their encore to only Friends. If anyone who reads this knows Michael W. Smith, please tell him he does not need to keep singing that song. Seriously. Mr. Smitty, you have my permission, a fan for over 25 years, to quit singing that song.  Or at the very least, put it somewhere in the middle of the show.  There are so many other songs that would be great for the encore. And really, he has to be tired of singing it, too, don’t you think?

Like the Holland show, the crowd was full of old people. And some of these very old people had backstage passes. There was one old lady with a pass slapped on her shoulder that I was sure I could take down, but I didn’t. Again, massive personal growth. Of course, the presence of the geriatric set explains why no one stands up and claps or sings anymore. So sad. May I never get that old.

So, no more concerts for me for a while. She’s not coming to Michigan anytime soon, and I’m not going to be in Atlanta when she stops by on her Christmas tour. But the 2 Friends tour is making an appearance in Fort Wayne next month.  Maybe I could combine that with a Chick-fil-A run. The number 41 seems to be calling my name.