Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No, really, you shouldn't have

We had friends over for dinner last Saturday. Good friends. The first friends we made in Michigan as a matter of fact. Friends we’ve dined with countless times. Friends we’ve traveled with and left our kids with and counted on as our emergency contacts. Really. Good. Friends.

Or so I thought.

Mr. Friend brought me a gift, a little something Mrs. Friend said made him think of me:

Looks like a lovely little mug, no?


Can you tell what that is? Here's a closer look:

Yep. That’s a shark. In the bottom of that cup. Here's how it looks with some tea:

And now I’ve wasted perfectly good sweet tea because there is no way I can drink out of that cup. I can barely stand to look at the pictures I took of it. If there are mistakes on this post it's because I can't bring myself to proof it well because I seriously can't look at the pictures any more.

So, dear friends, thanks for the mug. Hope you won't be offended if I never, ever, ever use it. Ever.