Monday, October 31, 2011

Slutty is so passé

Take a trip to any grocery store and as you check out it is impossible not to see Hollywood’s latest celebrity or wanna be on the cover of a zillion magazines. I’m not a celebrity follower, but I do the bulk of the grocery shopping so I can’t help but at least be aware of who’s getting married or going to rehab or three breaths away from going six feet under. If it’s on the cover of People or the National Inquirer, I’ve probably seen it as I’ve scanned my rice and beans.

Another place that’s swimming in celebrity news is the internet. Seems you can’t get away from the news from the left coast; since I spend a good amount of time each day online doing my banking, reading email and helping Rebecca research stuff for school (and, in the interest of honesty, checking Facebook), I see Hollywood news there too. For the most part I try to discipline myself to ignore such stories, but yesterday I was actually glad to read a headline about a celebrity:

Richie dressed as J. Lo
for a Halloween party.
Now, that’s not the kind of headline one usually associates with Hollywood, so I clicked through. There wasn’t much more to the story than what the headline said, but I was glad to read of a young star encouraging other young girls not to use Halloween as an excuse to dress with their butt cheeks hanging out of a naughty nurse or French maid costume.

In the past, Richie’s wardrobe has been less than demure. I have to wonder if having her children has caused this about-face. It’s not like she can’t pull off any outfit she’d like; she’s tiny even after having both her babies. But maybe knowing she has two little people looking up to her has forced her to evaluate what they’re seeing.

Plenty of other Hollywood, and, to be honest, regular ol’ American moms couldn’t care less. But that one famous one does and has called others to rise above the lowest common costume denominator gives me just a dash of hope that some others could follow suit. Because our little ones are looking up to us. And the sight of barely-clothed bottoms is, I'm fairly certain, not what we want them to see.

Still need an idea for a great costume? I think this is fantastic! All that's left to find is little ball to bounce on: