Monday, November 07, 2011

Divorces and pancakes and cars, oh my!

If there were aliens living on the Pluto they’d have heard about Kim Kardashian’s divorce by now. Who’s surprised?  Actually, I am. I thought she’d try to make it look realistic since she got all that money and all those gifts. Couldn’t she have gone at least a year?

Their honeymoon phase must have been over by the time they boarded their plane TO their honeymoon.

Heck, Sean and I have had bad spells that lasted longer than 72 days. Of course, they didn’t happen in the first year of our marriage, so I suppose we had a slight advantage on Kim.

Oh, and we actually thought, “Till death do us part,” meant one of us had to die before we weren’t married any more.

Moving right along... here's another fun subject: mammograms. As in, I’m having my first mammogram tomorrow.

Tata Nano
I told the kids I was going to write a play-by-play of the procedure and post it on Wednesday because honestly, thinking about writing about the tatas getting smooshed is the only thing that’s keeping me sane right now.

They are disturbed by that prospect.

Of course, they’re disturbed by a lot of stuff. I’m sure they’ll be disturbed that I used the word tatas.

Did you know Tata is the name of an Indian car company? I really think they should have poured a little more money into R&D. I mean, I know it’s the last name of someone, but really?

I’m sure Michael won’t even mind the mammogram conversation since I ended on cars.