Monday, January 02, 2012

Sorry, ladies - he’s taken

As many of you know, my Mom fell at my house Christmas morning. She broke a vertebrae and all five toes on her left foot. She spent five days in the hospital, and has been in a rehab facility nearby since Thursday afternoon. To say I was preoccupied with helping my mom and dad last week is a bit of an understatement. Cooking, cleaning, laundry and childcare were not on my radar.

They were, however, on Sean’s. He cooked, cleaned, washed and cared for Michael, Amy and Rebecca while I spent days and nights at the hospital. When friends graciously provided meals, he served them up and put away the leftovers in such an organized way – when I finally was able to work in the kitchen Sunday afternoon it was obvious an engineer had been there. My fridge is never that orderly.

Sean washed and dried (and dried flat when required) my parents laundry. (He was not pleased that some clothes have laundry info on the tag at the neck, but others have that information on the tag on the side.) He also took care of our family laundry, including all the towels and sheets. My laundry closet is stocked the brim with clean towels and every sheet we own, save the ones on our beds.

He has done all of this without complaint, save that he missed me. And that’s a complaint I took as a compliment.

Mom will be in the rehab center here for at least a week, possibly longer. We’ll know more on Wednesday when we meet with her case manager. And even when Sean heard her stay could be up to three weeks, he said, “No problem.” And he meant it.

I’ve always known I had a good guy on my hands. But last week proved I married an amazing man.

And he's pretty cute, too!


  1. Awwww! Definitely a keeper :)

  2. I absolutely love this!

  3. He is a wonderful man, husband and dad. And what a wonderful tribute to him, Christy.

  4. I'm with Sean on the tags -- makes me crazy. Then again, I'm sure your kitchen is much more organized than mine. Way to man up, Sean!

  5. I teared up with this one! Well done, Sean! You are evidence of God's grace!

  6. So sweet!! What a wonderful example to your children as well!! :-) Hope your Mom recovers quickly. We'll keep her in our prayers.

  7. This is what family is all about. Wishing smooth sailing for all of you, and trouble-free recovery for your mom!


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