Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Long at last

I have written a lot about my hair. Way too much. Seriously, how much can someone write about her hair? Apparently, one more post will do the trick. Until another post is needed…

Anyway, I was looking at some of the pictures from show week and realized that my dear friend, Amber, took a picture of us this year that made me remember a picture of us from last year. So I went digging through my digital files and found it.

Here's last year's:

And here's this year's:

First of all, Amber is as beautiful this year as last. Loved her makeup this year - she was Glinda and she was fabulous!

As for me: can you believe my hair has grown so much? I know, me neither! 

I have dear daughter Amy and hairstylist Misty to thank; neither would let me cut it. Even when I went to my hair appointments begging Misty to chop it all off, she was firm: "You've come this far. Don't blow it now." When I would complain at home, Amy, ever patient, would pat my back and say, "It's growing. Be patient."

It took a full year, but I have finally accomplished the goal of growing out my hair. I can pull it all into a pony tail, a feat last accomplished in 1980. Of course, is it really a good idea to go back to the hair style I had when Carter was president?

At least I don't have the perm.

But man, I loved those curls...