Thursday, July 05, 2012

My new favorite picture

Two weeks ago, Sean and I drove down to Nashville for Amy Grant’s Tennessee Weekend. She had a concert on Friday night, a dinner and concert at her farm on Saturday, and a morning of worship on Sunday. It was, as you can imagine, pretty stinkin’ fabulous.

The entire weekend there was a photographer walking around taking pictures of everyone. I realized he was going to get way better pictures than I ever could, so I quit taking my own pictures and waited to get his. It was so freeing, not feeling like I had to capture every moment. Made the weekend even better for me.

The photographer mailed out his pictures this week and they are good! Here’s my favorite:

Okay, fine; the kids don’t think it’s right that I cropped out Sean. Here’s the original:

I really appreciated the photographer taking that picture – it was the second one he took of us. Here's the first:

But then he noticed I’d brought the picture of me and AG from 1984, and it was his idea to take the picture with her holding it. So cool. 

Good news: I did not cry. Well, not in front of her.

Once the pictures were emailed with the photographer's name, Kurt Heinecke, I realized who he was - the man behind the music and sound of VeggieTales and 3-2-1 Penguins. Sure wish I'd know that at the time, because I could have thanked him for the countless hours of joy he's brought our whole family!

Here are some other shots from the weekend:

Meet my new friend, Lisa! By the way, did I mention it was a bazillion degrees? 

Seriously. A bazillion degrees. This fan did not help. But I appreciated the gesture.

Friday night's concert. 

The upstairs of the barn.

During Saturday night's songwriters' concert. The gentleman next to her, Luke Laird, co-wrote Little Big Town's hit, Pontoon.

Me and Derek, the man behind the weekend. He was absolutely wonderful - knew how to handle the crowd with grace and humor. So glad he's on her management team now.