Thursday, October 04, 2012

Well, that's gotta go

So, it’s a pretty exciting time for our church. We’re moving from the building we’ve been in for 30 years to a bigger facility to better fit our growing congregation. And even though Sean has been active on the team that searched out the new property and I’ve seen layouts and blueprints, I haven’t actually gotten to walk through it until last night, when the first youth group meeting was held there. I was excited! It’s a great space and once the final modifications are completed, will be a wonderful home for our wonderful church.

Except for one little problem:

There are four of these things in the building. Four Pepsi machines. I would very much like to understand how my husband neglected to inform me that the current occupants have a contract with Pepsi.

There are a lot of women in our church who enjoy a diet Coke daily, nay, hourly. This simply will not do.

I know one of the other members of Sean's team is a Coke fan. I can only hope that between the two of them, they can figure out how to make the switch from the dark side to Coca Cola machines. Even though they both prefer Coke Zero over dC, a preference I have yet to understand…