Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thank you, Wilson Phillips

Last night was one of those moments Amy will never forget. Because last night, I used music from my college years and my own impromptu choreography as teaching tools while Amy worked on her writing assignment. Yes, people, the Duffy Homeschool is just that cool.

She was writing a paper on The Scarlet Letter, and had to discuss Hester Prynne’s character. She’d already used the word, “impulsive,” and needed a synonym.  For some reason, the mention of the word impulsive threw me back to 1990 and before I knew it, Wilson Phillips was singing their hit of the same name in my brain.

(My father-in-law calls this phenomenon “junk brain.” For some reason, your brain holds on to all kinds of junk, like your first phone number or lyrics of some random song. And what that means is there’s no room for the current stuff you need to know like passwords or the names of your children.)

I looked up the song on iTunes and said, “Amy, the word you’re looking for is in this song!” And as it was playing, I realized Hester Prynne could have penned the lyrics because she was certainly impulsive: when her head was saying take it slow, her heart was saying don’t say no, Dimmesdale! And voilĂ ! Nine months later, hello Pearl.

As if the song itself wasn’t enough of a teaching tool, I added my own little dance to the chorus. I’m sure that image is seared on Amy’s brain forever. I think I even saw her wipe away a tear. Good times, good times.

When the song wrapped up she had her synonym and a great new sentence for her paragraph that incorporated both the words impulsive and reckless.  Mission accomplished!

Since our writing session went so well, I feel the need to offer my services to the world. I am available to teach writing and the fine art of finding synonyms in classic 80’s-early 90’s music as well as in the music of Amy Grant from 1978 - present. Shoot  me an email for my rates. Choreography is extra.

Just when I thought I had no marketable skills…

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